Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How about some Halloween Candy!?

I have to admit, I love candy. So, of course, Halloween has some sweet benefits. Unfortunately, we live in a rural community and in order to go “Trick or Treating”, we have to crash someone’s party or neighborhood. I really don’t like the mall for candy begging. It seems so lame.

I love finding novelty candy. This year I found eyeball lollipops, body parts gummies, eyeball gumballs, exploding candy and test tube (powdered) candy. The best part was it was all at the local dollar store. Cha ching!


Well, since I love candy so much, I thought I would offer up some Blog Candy. I just received a sweet package from Mr. Brown. It had these nice little Halloween goodies in it. There’s a sheet of Designer Jewels Black Flourish, a package of Spooky Night Rub-Ons and a roll of Black Lace Ribbon.


All you have to do is leave me a comment about your favorite candy and I will pick a random comment for the winner on Monday.


  1. Who doesn't love candy?! :) My latest candy addiction is coconut M&M's - amazing!

    Haven't seen you in a while - hope all is well!

  2. Where in the world did you find those candies? Is it a chain or local only dollar store? Sounds awesome!

    Wondering...do the treat cups come with adhesive or do you have to buy it separate? Do they fit a standard SU punch?

  3. Candy is one of my favorites also....mmmmmm

    Last year we went to the historic section of Punta Gorda for Halloween, great decorating. I highly recommend it, but be careful of the traffic. This year we may head to Dearborn St in Englewood instead. I think I'll go pick up some eyeball candy from the dollar store and send it to school with Shelby on Halloween. Thanks for the tip one the "spooky candy". Love ya Mimi, Dawn ;)


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