Monday, April 30, 2007

A Cheerful Monday Morning Swap Card

This card, from the Spring Swap, was sent by Fairle Beaman Carroll. Her Splitcoast ID is Fairle and her blog is Stamping 101. Go check out her other creations! I really like the flower petals cut out and the way the card opens, at the bottom, with the slit punch. Very nice. Thanks Fairle.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Happy Sunday Morning!

Here is another card from the Blogger Spring Swap I was in. I love the simple, clean lines of this card. This was sent in by Julie Purdum. Her screen name on Splitcoast is jeweleintn and her blog is Rubber Room Ramblings. Go check her out. She has a great blog! Thanks for the great card Julie!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

More Spring Swaps

This fabulous card is from, my dear friend, Kirsten. I love her work, don't you!? If you look closely, you can see her hidden message in the card. Check out her blog to decipher it's meaning. In the blog world, she is known as Confessions of a Naptime Stamper and at Splitcoast, her gallery is KED. Thanks Kirsten!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Spring Swaps

I was in a couple card swaps with some other bloggers. They were for new bloggers and in one, we had to use only Stampin' Up! products and in the other, we could use and products.

This card is from the first swap and was made by Donna Baker. I love the coloors on this card. It is a slider and reveals a message when you pull on the ribbon at the botton. Donna's Splitcoast gallery is dbaker3 and her blog is Serenity in Stamping. Thanks Donna!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Photo Shoot in a clean Rubber Room!

I caught the cleaning bug and thought I would post some pictures of my Stampin' Spot. This is where I am as much as possible. I love my room. It is a calm and happy place to be. I love all of my drawers. They are all full or fun little goodies. In the first picture, you can see my desk. This used to be my kitchen table, until one of the legs broke off. No problem, I found some great drawer units for it to sit on and made a desk! It is awesome. I love how big it is. Although, most days it is piled high with paper and stamps. The next photo shows the counter that sits right behind me. It holds my Cricut and printer. They always need to be within arms reach! The next photo shows my wheel collection and cutters. The fourth view is where I have all of my jars (hard to see) that are full of ribbon scraps, buttons and primas. Oh yeah, there's the Cuttlebug and the toys that go with it. The last picture is my two towers of drawers. You can't imagine how much fits in these drawers. Because they are shallow, nothing gets lost in the bottom of the drawer. You can also see my SU grosgrain ribbon holder. I am really proud of this because I made it myself. That's it. Now you know where I am when I am typing on this blog or creating fun stuff. It's not huge and it's not always clean but, it's mine. If you're ever in North Port, FL, stop on by and have a cup o' jo while we stamp together! Thanks for looking! Mimi

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Another little cutie

Here's another little cutie that was given to me by Kirsten. The patterned paper is from Imaginisce. I copied the design from reneejul1 on Splitcoast. It was part of the featured stamper challenge. I love her original card and I think this turned out great too!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Penquin in Paradise

I love this little guy and his buddies. They are from the set Penguin Paradise. Too bad it's retired. I used more paper from Milissa at Serendipity Kits. This is another card that was inspired by the Splitcoast challenge. I love the challenges. They get me out of slumps and show me new ways to use products. Go check them out and be inspired!

Chocolate Fluffles?!

I'm still playing with stamped images from Kirsten and paper from Milissa. Thank you to the both of you! I love this cute kitty. I got the idea to make a cute birthday card with an animal from Splitcoast limited supply challenge. Thanks for looking!

Friday, April 20, 2007

It's a Whipper Snapper kind of day!

Are these the cutest stamped images, ever!? They are made by Whipper Stamper Designs. I do not own any of them, yet. I stamped them over at Kirsten's house. The papers I used are Creative Imaginations, for the pink and Chloe's Closet for the blue. They are more of the fabulous papers I got from Milissa at Serendipity Kits. I gave these and the chicken cards to her today and she flipped out. In other words, she loved them! Yeah! Thanks for looking!

Tagged by Kirsten

My second tag was from Kirsten. I need to list 5 of my favorite blogs and why they are my favorites. This sounds much easier than the last tag.
#1 is, of course, Confessions of a Naptime Stamper. I love Kirsten's blog because, unlike me, she updates it almost daily. She does beautiful work and inspires me on a regular basis.

#2 is, Pencil Lines. Although I haven't done much scrapbooking lately, I love their scrapbook sketches they come up with. The people who send in their work are great and very talented.

#3 is, Fresh & Fun. I have enjoyed this Stampin' Up! demonstrator's work for a few years now. She is a big part of Splitcoast Stampers, (my favorite idea place). Ever since she got a blog, I check it daily for great ideas.

#4 is, Twisted Chick Creations. This gals ideas ROCK! She is very artistic and creative. She can make those stamps do amazing things!

#5 is, Thinking and Inking. I love her clean and simple style. I enjoy browsing her links and reading her posts too.

There are so many artistic people who have blogs and I love browsing them all. These are just ones that I stalk a little more often!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I've been tagged twice! I need to run for cover!

OK, first I was tagged by my friend Milissa and have to list 10 weird things about myself. I think it would be easier to ask my friends to list the 10 weird things about me. Argh! Here goes:
1) I love to organize. I will organize myself silly. To the point of not being able to find anything! LOL!
2) I love to mow the lawn. Sure, I have a little rider to do it with but, I will actually get mad at my husband if he gets to it before I do.
3) I love accessories! All kinds of cute little doo dads. I love them so much that I don't use them because..."if I use them, then I won't have them!".
4) I wipe my kitchen counters every time I walk through there. Probably an OCD thing.
5) I hate to go to the beach, until I get there. Then it's hard to get me to leave.
6) I know all the words to the opening, village scene to Disney's, Beauty and the Beast. This really freaks my kids out. I cannot watch the movie without singing along!
7) I feel the need to clean other people's microwave ovens, (you know who you are) when they aren't looking!
8) I have a freakish drink fetish in which I will only drink fountain sodas, custom coffee creations and only bottled water that is not Zephyrhills.
9) I hate to empty the silverware compartment of the dishwasher. This goes way back to when I was a kid, too. I always hated washing the silverware when I was on dish washing duty. The saddest part of this is, I have passed this trait on to my daughter.
10) I am obsessed with magazines of all kinds. I have hundreds of them. I generally look at them once or twice, when they are delivered. After that, they end up in a pile, only to collect dust for all eternity. And, no, you can't have them, they're mine! LOL!
This was fun and enlightening. I am sure there are many more things but, lets wait till I know you better.
I know that this sounds sad but, I don't have 10 people to tag. I only have a couple friends that have blogs. So,Kirsten (you knew this was coming!), tag! you're it!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hangin' with my PEEPS!

I spend, almost, every Tuesday with five of my very best friends. We sit and play and gab and just enjoy each other's company. While hangin' with my peeps yesterday, I made these fun chicken cards. I was given the paper by my friend, Milissa of Serendipity Kits. She has chickens roaming around her yard so, I thought it would be perfect to make her some cards with the Best of Cluck set. I just love these fun chickens and I especially love coloring them with my Prismacolor pencils. I hope she likes them.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Thanks Annie!

My friend, Annie, let me use her Crab & Company stamp set and I have, finally, made something with it. I think I'm getting my MOJO back. The patterned paper and fibers are from Basic Grey. They were a Birthday present from my friend, Kirsten back in October. I really need to use my goodies more often! Thanks for looking!

Scrapbook Class Time Again!

It's that time of the month again! With Easter coming early, I lost track of time. Here are 4 of the 6 pages we will be making on the 22nd. These pages are all about Birthdays. We are using the Simply Scrappin Kit called "Party Pieces". We won't be making cards with this class but you will have lots of fun and lots of left-over pieces! Please let me know as soon as you can, if you will be attending. Have a great weekend!

A Play Day with Kirsten!!

On Wednesday, my friend Kirsten and I played with some RAKs she rec'd from a Splitcoast group she is in. This stamped image of Fluffles was colored with Prismacolor pencils. I have been in a creative slump lately and have not made a bunch of things. So, heeding Kirsten's advice, I used a sketch challenge, from Splitcoast, to come up with this card. I am quite happy with how it turned out. Thanks for looking!