Sunday, July 29, 2007

Run, don't walk!

Run, don't walk, to your nearest magazine rack. Pick up a copy of PaperTrends Cards magazine and turn to page 124. It's Kirsten's card! This is her first publication and I know she is on the edge of her seat, waiting to get her copy. And, if you think that's cool, wait till next month. I think she has 6 in September's edition. Woo hoo! Kudos Kirsten!

A New Adventure!

So, I got a call yesterday morning from a lady at Michael's Crafts. I had talked with her about teaching scrapbook classes, starting in September. Well, it seems their current instructor quit and left them in need of someone right away. She wanted to know if I could start on Monday. Sure, I say. I am always up for a new adventure. Later that morning, I get another call from my frantic Michael's friend. Can I come in on Sunday and do a DEMO that was planned? Sure, why not. So, I start my Michael's adventure today at noon.

These are pictures of my "Lure 'em in" board, that gets hung up in the front of the store. It is supposed to get people to want to take classes from me. There is a small picture of me, taken by Milissa. Thanks Milissa! And to make the board changeable, I attached a couple cute clips. That way I can change the samples. I made a 9 x 9 page for the board, so as not to take up the whole thing with my page. I used a coin holder for all of the little pictures and trinkets. I used my Cricut for the letters. If you click on the picture for an "up close view" you can really see the Stardust pen that Kirsten gave me. Isn't that cool!? Thanks Kirsten! The paper is K&Co. What do ya think?

Thanks for stopping here on this rainy Sunday morning! Keep dry!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Welcome Baby

I don't make baby cards often. I just don't have a need for them. But, this little guy just spoke to me. I love how soft it looks.

Thanks for checkin' in!

Boo Boo Bear

This is another Whipper Snapper stamp of Milissa'a. I colored this yesterday with Kirsten's Copic markers. I love SU's new textured papers. I also used my DCWV Glitter Mat pack for the patterned paper and my much loved Karen Foster snap stamps. Thanks for the ribbon Kirsten!


This little beauty was stamped over at Milissa's with her new Whipper Snapper stamps. I think she rocks! I paired her up with some of last year's DP from SU and some Stampendous sparkler stickers. I also added black marker to the piercing so it would stand out. Isn't she a cutie!?

Thanks for stopping by for a peek. I hope you have a great day. I'm staying close to home today so, there may be some more to come.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fun with Birds and Flowers!

More new stamps to play with. I finally got the new bird stamps from Stampendous. Aren't they sweet!? The flowers are from Stampendous too. I stamped them on some of my new Basic Grey papers from Serendipity Kits. I think I have every 6 x 6 paper pad they have, now. I love stamping the birds and flowers on the patterned paper and cutting them out. I have seen so many others do the same thing.

Well, I am off for a busy day of play. Today, it's Kirsten's house after lunch with Melissa at Panera, Yum!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a Fabulous day!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Love it!

These are some stamps that I got "paid" with from my friend Carrol. I help her with her business and she pays me in stamps. How cool is that!? These are from Stampendous. I colored the sweets with my SU markers after embossing the image. I don't need no stinkin' Copics. (This is me trying to convince myself to stay away from the lure of Copic markers.)

Have a SWEET day!

Busy, busy!

This is a card I made on Tuesday at my play date with the ladies. They are Thank You cards for Maggie's Birthday. I wheeled the inside with the new My ABC's wheel so Maggie can write her thank you notes.

I used the Think Happy Thoughts and Little Flowers sets. The paper is more of the Flowers for You and there is Stickles on the flowers.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great Hump day! I'm off to Milissa's to play!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Last Night's Fun

I stayed up a little late last night and this is what happened. I made this 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 card using the Simply Scrappin' Kit hostess level 1. I love this paper and I love the elements that come with it. They really stepped them up a couple notches this year.

The next one is using the tiny cupcake from Short & Sweet. I love it! I stacked them like the all the others I have seen out there and I freehanded the cake plate. There's some Stickles on the icing. The paper is from the Flowers for You pack.

Not sure on this one

I made this a couple of days ago, after hangin' out with Kirsten. I used her idea for the sentiment at the bottom. It is the key tag punch, cut in half. I also used the scalloped circle punch, which I LOVE! I have an entire pack of the Au Chocolate paper that I am trying to use. Also, the taffeta ribbon, not sure I like it. The color is way off, in my humble opinion.
Anyhoo, thought I would upload it and see what you all think. Thank you for stopping by. Have a fabulous Tuesday!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

What can I say? You made my day!

This card is for my dear friend, Kirsten. I was all set to have a 'not so good day", yesterday. I needed to clean and get ready for Maggie's party, today. I needed to drive Katie to my SIL's which is an hour away and entertain Maggie, who was constantly asking to go to a friend's house or have someone over. Argh! But, then Kirsten called and said she wanted to come ove in the afternoon. Then I got a call from my SIL saying she would pick Katie up. Since she would be driving right past my Mother's, my SIL dropped Maggie off. It was like the sky opened and sun began to shine, angels started singing. How wonderful my day got! So, Kirsten, here's to you! I am so happy to have a friend like you. By the way, this card was totally inspired by a cute little card that Kirsten made while she was here so I cannot take credit for the design.

Just for starters

Here is a little appetizer for ya. This is the Make and Take I had at my Open House, last weekend. I really like how it turned out and it was very simple. It is my first tent topper. As far as I know, the idea came from Michelle Wooderson.
I will have more for you later. I had fun playing with my new sets last night. The kids were away and hubby was on duty at the fire station so I was up late.
Thanks for stopping by. Check back later!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Baby is turning 6 today.

Maggie is 6 today so we are going to the beach. She loves the beach and decided that is how she wants to spend her day. So, Daddy and Mommy, Sissy and her boyfriend and Maggie's friend, Kelsey are packing up in the truck to have a fabulous, fun filled day. I hope you have a great day too! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rockin' Tag!

WOW! How cool is that!? I got a Rockin' Girl Blogger Tag! Thanks Kirsten. You are my bestest friend too! This is the coolest tag because all you have to do is tag 5 people's blogs that you think ROCK! That could only make someone happy. Right? I love making people happy so, here we go!
My first tag goes to Libby at Libby's Little Addiction. She has some of the most interesting posts and I actually read them. She is also a great stamp artist!
I have to tag Vicki Christman at This Art That Makes Me Happy. I want to be talented like Vicki when I grow up.
One of my very bestest friends Milissa at Howes Life. This chick has the best online scrapbook kit store there is! And I am lucky enough to have her as my friend and neighbor!
This next tag is to a blogger I don't know but I LOVE her work and love reading her posts about "goin' junkin'". Her blog is Shabbychick Junk. If you like vintage, you'll love her blog!
And, last, but not least, Valorie Wibben at Basement Bliss. Again, I don't know her but I love her work and check my Google Reader for her updates daily!
I really could go on and on. I have over 100 blogs on my Google Reader and love them all!

I have been tagged!

One of my Most Favorite blog friends, Vicki Chrisman has tagged me a little while back. I am just getting around to fulfilling my duties as a tagee. Vicki has some of the most awesome artwork and I am honored that she would choose to tag lil' ol' me! So, here are 7 random things about me:

1. I LOVE sunflower seeds. I got hooked on them during softball season and I probably eat a bag a day. Hmm, why can't I lose weight?!

2. I LOVE Google Reader. I check it every morning and, sometimes, a couple times a day. I think I am addicted.

3. I have to have the TV on to fall asleep.

4. I Love to mow the lawn and get mad at my hubby if he gets to it first.

5. I am constantly organizing. Sometimes to the point of not knowing where anything is.

6. I love Caramel Cashew ice cream. Again, why do I have issues with my weight?

7. I can drink coffee, not decaf, right before bedtime and have no trouble sleeping.

Boy, that was harder than you would think. I know I used a couple from the last time I was tagged. Sorry if that is cheating.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm back from hiding!

Sorry I have been not posting. I had a wonderful turnout for the Open House/Stamp Sale. Still have some stuff left but I think I covered my wish list order with SU. Yeah!
Here is a little something I have been playing with. I love the boatloads of love. I did a bunch of cutting and layering and added the dogs from Loads of love. I am very happy with how it turned out. I used my Karen Foster snap stamps for the SS Salty Dog. The patterned paper is from the hostess kit. It ROCKS! Reminds me of American Crafts paper. Yummy!
Have a fabulous day! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lookie, lookie little cookie!

I rec'd this adorable RAK in the mail a couple days ago and forgot all about it. Isn't it the cutest thing!? I joined the wish RAK group at SCS and have yet to enter my wishes but a sweet Linda Palmer sent me this card, all the way from Dewey, OK. Thank you so much Linda! I would love to link to your gallery or blog but you didn't include that info. So, Linda, if you're out there, let me know your info so I can see what else you make!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Big Sale and Open House!

Today, I got together with my friends for our Tuesday play date. We didn't get much stamping done because we were very busy shopping. That's right! Shopping.

Every year, when the new catalog comes out, I have a stamp sale and open house for all of my friends and customers. I invite my friends to bring paper crafting items that they want to sell too. I cannot believe all of the wonderful stamps and papers and crafty items that are here.

Well, of course, since my girlfriends were her, I let them have a preview.

Don't you worry though, there is plent left!

I plan to play with some of my new goodies tonight so, I hope to have a picture or two for you tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

I made this for my daughter. She is working really hard to get back into shape to play softball. She broke her leg in February and had to sit out for the entire season. It was her first year on the high school team. But, after surgery and physical theropy, she has made a full recovery and she is really doing a great job. I am very proud of her and wanted to show her. Hope she likes it.

I love how the picture picked up on all of the sparkly pen I did. Kirsten gave me this great sparkly gel pen. Thanks K!

Thanks for stopping by for a look!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Smoochie Saturday!

This is an Anniversary Card I made for my wonderful Hubby. Our 10th Ann. is on Aug. 2. Wow! 10 years! Hard to believe. I stamped this at my friend Milissa's. Don't you just LOVE that Whipper Snapper Frog!? The paper is Basic Grey Blush.

Thanks so much for stopping by to take a look!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy Fourth and July!

This is how my 5yo refers to the 4th of July. I have corrected her and explained the difference but this is her way. Oh well, who's it hurtin'? Another Maggieism is instead of saying,"You're the Best Mom in the whole wide world!", she says "whole eye world". Again, I have corrected her but, no harm.

Anyhoo, since I haven't made anything to show you, I thought I would post some pictures of our 4th of July celebration.

We spent the day with neighbors/friends and later we went to the fireworks at the local high school. It was a blast! No pun intended. That's where we met up with Kirsten and her family. I have some nice pictures of Kirsten in a pie eating contest but, I'll let her decide if they are post worthy.
In order, pic. #1 Kirsten's husband, Dave with their son Wyatt and a friend's daughter. #2 Kirsten and I. #3 Maggie in a sack race. #4 Katie and her best friend Emily. #5 Friend and neighbor Pam with a couple of her children and friends.
I love livin' in a small town!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Happy Rainy Sunday!

What a humid, rainy, yucky day it is here in North Port, FL. So, we went to the movies to see Evan Almighty. Very cute movie. Even Maggie sat still for the whole thing. That is no small feat! Before going to the movies, I made these little cuties.

The chick card is using a sketch from Poetic Artistry. I love her blog and check it out daily. She has some awesome sketches! Go check her out.

The thanks card was inspired by the card on page 105 of the new SU catalog. I like mine better. Tee hee!

Thanks for stopping by to look! Hope the weather is nicer where you are! If not, stay inside and STAMP!