Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Im' Done! Wanna See?

I'm done. At last. I finished the book for my Mom. This book is full of pictures of my Mom and Maggie making cookies. I found this book at the Target Dollar Spot and thought it looked like a cookie with a bite out of it. Perfect for a cookie book. I was going to give it to Mom for Christmas but I don't think I can wait. Her Birthday is October 14 and I will be hard pressed to keep quiet till then! LOL!

A Great Day with Mom

I had a great time with my Mom yesterday.
We hung out at K2 Scrapbook Studio in Sarasota, FL with my good friend, Pat.

Pat is getting ready to go to New Mexico for the hot air balloon festival. How cool is that?! She has got to be one of the most active and fun 70+ ladies I know and I love her dearly. Sorry Pat, for the age reveal.

Anyhoo, while at the K, I worked on some more cards with the Serendipity Kit that Milissa gave me. I hope you're not getting tired of it because I still have a bunch left!
Lookie, lookie at what I scored. They are board books in the shape of crowns and the ever popular bird. It sure does pay to hover while Candie opens the boxes that the UPS man delivers. They also got the Creative Cafe that was all over the net from CHA. I can hardly wait for them to assemble it. It's like a candy store counter for scrappers! I gotta pinch myself! Ouch!
Well, I have piles of laundry and a dirty house to tend to so, thanks for stopping by and drooling over my goodies! Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Alter Ego!

This is a teapot book that I made for Maggie. My Mother had taken pictures of Maggie and her friends having a tea party and I wanted to make a special way for her to remember it. After looking and looking and still not finding a board book in the shape of a teapot, I drew my own and cut it out with a razor knife. The round piece on top is a bubble with a picture of Maggie in it and it is made from resin.
The title of the book is Tea fro Three, My Friends and Me. You have to click on the photos to get a real good look at all of the stuff in the book. Maggie and my Mom really love this book and they look at it often.

Thanks for stopping by for a look into my Alter Ego! Have a terriffic Tuesday! I'm hangin' out with my Mom today!

Monday, September 24, 2007

There's still time to VOTE!

Voting is still open if you have not done it yet. I spent a little time watching other auditions this morning and I can, honestly say, I like Jorgia's the best. She is the most animated and really belts out the lyrics. I know that is important in stage acting. Others seemed too timid and afraid to move around. Which I don't understand because they are in the privacy of their own home. So, if they can't move freely there, how will they do on stage? Just MHO.

A very dear friend sent me an email to inform me that her sister-in-law was auditioning for RENT, (the Broadway show), and needs votes. Please take a moment, really, that's all it takes, to go to this link and cast a vote. You would be doing a good deed for someone you don't even know. Her name is Jorgia McAfee.

Thank you so much!

More Fun from Serendipity Kits!

My laziness has kept me from taking pictures of this page and card that I made for Serendipity Kits as their "Guest Designer". I so sorry! Aren't these colors so yummy!? Milissa has a great eye for picking out fabulous products to play with in her monthly kits. They have a BLOG now so, check it out too!
The pics in the Softball Divas page are some of my most favorite of the girls and Rick. I refused to pay the astronomical price that the photographer wanted so, we took these in the yard and I think they are adorable.

I am hard at work on an altered book for my Mom so I hope to post it soon. I will show you a different altered project tomorrow. Promise!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a happy Monday!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy "Talk like a Pirate" Day!

Arrrr you ready Matey? It's a savvy day to talk like a pirate. And hey, why stop there, wear some eyeliner too! LOL! Have a swashbuckling kind a day! Arrrrrrrrrrrr!

I know you've seen this pic before but it suits the day! Work with me here.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Very Scary Night!

Last night, at softball, Maggie fell and hurt her head.
Those of you who know me know that now that softball has started, we spend 5 nights a week at the fields, between both girls. It has become a big part of our family life and we love it.
Well, after Maggie's practice, it was time for Katie's practice. This is when Maggie gets to play with all of the other kids with older siblings that are practicing. I had just told Maggie that she had 20 min. to play before we were heading home to take a bath and get ready for bed. Not 2 min. later, I saw Rick running towards her. So, I ran too. She had been doing flips on some railings and slipped and hit her head on the edge of the concrete. Rick said he could hear it from 20 feet away. All I could see was her beautiful blonde hair turning red with blood. You know how head wounds are.
The scariest part came on the way to the hospital. She became 10 second Maggie. The same questions over and over. "What happened? I don't even remember. Can we get some ice cream? I don't want stitches! What was I doing?" Over and over.
Then, when we got to the hospital, she couldn't remember who Rick was. She just kept holding on to Sissi, (Katie).
Anyhow, long story short, the catscan, (sp?), came back negative and she didn't get stitches, she got 3 staples. They also gave her 2 teddy bears and a pack of Lisa Frank stickers, (the fuzzy velvet ones that you have to color in). I tell you this only because this is when the 10 second questions changed. Now they were, "I got 2 teddys? Are there markers in there to color the stickers? Can we get ice cream? Did I get stitches? I guess that's why my head hurts. What did I do?"
All is good now. She stayed home from school and is getting some rest and, yes, she got some ice cream.
Thanks for stopping by! Have a safe day!

XO, Mimi

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Fabulous Sketch

I used the sketch from SCS for this round number and more of my Amy Butler papers and stickers. I also used my paper piercing tool for all around the edges. I think I will have to use this sketch more. I really like it!
Thanks for stopping by. Have an Absolutely Fabulous Sunday!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Little Retail Therapy

Just a little Saturday fun. I got the Amy Butler papers and 3D stickers on my Michaels shopping spree and couldn't wait to play with them. I used the Sketch Challenge from SCS for the layout!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lookie, lookie little cookie!

I went, I saw, Ishopped! I got everything on my list that I have been eyeing since working at Michaels. This was almost as good as Christmas!

Gotta run. I have a class tonight. Have a great day!

It's Finally Thursday!! WOOHOO!

What is so special about Thursday, you ask?

It is the first day of Michaels, Friends and Family days. They gave us, employees, a stack of coupons, to hand out to our friends and family. The coupons are good for 25% off your entire purchase, including Martha, excluding Cricut. So, I diligently handed out my pile to my friends and family. But, because I am an employee, I get 40% off. Here's the best part, nothing is on sale! That means, everything is fair game! I am so excited. I even have a list.

For those of you who do not have a friend that works at Michaels, I heard, from a reliable source, that next weeks flyer will have a 50% coupon in it and Cricut cartridges will be $49.99. You know I LOVE my Cricut! And 12 x 12 papers will be 5 for $1.00.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to show you my LOOT later! Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Usin' what I have!

These pretty cards are made with some Bazzill stickers I have had for a while now. They are awesome stickers. They are textured, like their paper and they are very sturdy.

I have been trying to use up some of my stash that has been hanging around for so long.

Well, I am off to go play with my Tuesday Friends.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy Monday!

Yay! It's Monday. I am happy to see the girls go to school today. Long story!

These cards are made with some more table scraps. I think I got the shaker girly stickers at Walmart. It was so long ago that I can't remember. The paper is from a slab that I bought several years ago on QVC. I HAD to have it. Now I HAVE to use it! LOL! This striped paper didn't have pink in it so I added some with pink marker. Now it matches perfect!

How 'bout that chunky high heel!? Did you ever have shoes like that? They remind me of a pair I begged my Mom for, back in 5th grade. They were the chunky, wooden platforms with the leather straps. I was sneaky and wore them to school. Big No, No! Of course, my punishment was self inflicted since I walked to school. LOL! And it was not a short walk! One of the straps broke before the end of the day and that was the end of that!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful Monday and wear sensible shoes!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Google Reader ROCKS!

I am writing this post because my friend, Melissa, missed the American Girl Event at Michaels on Saturday, due to the fact that Feedblitz is slow in updating her on my blog. What is the solution, you ask? Maybe you didn't ask, but I'm gonna tell ya! Ha! If this is a problem for you also, go to Google and sign up to get their updates of your favorite blogs. No more annoying emails, no more late updates. This site has all of your favorite blogs in one place and it updates all day long. I have over 100 blogs saved to my Google Reader and it is the first thing I look at with my cup'o'joe in the morning. I am quite sure that you will LOVE it! To make it even easier, I have it as one of my opening tabs on internet explorer, along with my email and my own blog. That way, as soon as I click on the big E, I have it all! Ta da! I hope this helps some of you.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a glorious day!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

I Love a Bargain!

These are a couple cards I made with some paper I got on clearance. I love the way they turned out! I just added some matching stickers and dimensionals and they are ready to go. I love the bright colors. The pattern paper and stickers are from Reminisce. I love their stuff!!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a fabulous day!

P.S. If you have daughters, head to your nearest Michaels today for their American Girl Event from 10 till 2. They will get to make a couple free crafts. Yes, I said FREE. I will be working at the Pt. Charlotte store. If you live near here, come say HI! My girls will be there too!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Tuesday with the ladies

These are a few of the cards that I made while I was with my friends. I am just trying to use up a bunch of stickers and stuff that I have had hanging around my room for soooo long now. The textured stickers are from Bazzill and I love them. I got them so long ago and have yet to use them. You know, the whole, "if I use it, then I won't have it!". Yeah, well, now I'm usin' it! I think they turned out pretty yummy. Easy too! The paper is scraps left over from other projects. So, I guess they fall into the "Table Scraps" category.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Kickin' It Up! With Serendipity Kits, of course!

This is a cute little kickstand card I made with my Serendipity kit. I love, love, love the colors. They look so fresh and yummy! I used the Treat Yourself stamp set from Stampin' Up! and liquid pearls for the accents. The ribbon is from the Michaels dollar bin. Can you say, ka-ching!? I love how it turned out. Can't wait to mail it off to someone for their Birthday!

Wish I could play more but I have to go do demos at Michaels today. Sounds like fun, right? It would be if I didn't actually become the official help desk. Since I am the first smiling face, in a red apron, as they walk in the door, I get asked all sorts of strange things. Oh well, I keep smiling anyway! Because, lets face it, I'm still gettin' paid to play with crafts! wink.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a crafty weekend!