Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The view from the Top of Mt. Everest

I was just watching the photos on my screen saver and this one came across and I thought I should share it with my friends.
This photo was taken while at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
I was riding the Expedition Everest coaster.
My family won't do rides with me so, I have to go alone.
No problem. I make friends in line all of the time.
I usually wait for the front seat or back seat, depending on the ride and which is going to give the biggest thrill.
It is so worth it. Anyway, I had my camera around my neck, as I usually do when we are at a park, and I thought it would be cool to snap a picture during the pause at the top of the ride.
I think it turned out pretty cool.
This is a fun ride. The last picture is taken from a spectator's view as the riders swoosh by.
Not the best one but probably the best Disney one so far.
I take that back, the Aerosmith coaster is the best Disney coaster and this is second.
Still waiting to ride the Rip Rockin' Coaster at Universal.
It is always shut down when we go there.
Argh! So, I ride The Hulk. Which is an awesome coaster too. Oh well, thanks for stopping by.
More crafty stuff tomorrow.
XO, Mimi

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