Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Huge Success!

Sorry the pictures are so all over the place. I have not figured out how to work the Blogger posting photos.

Our Cards4Cancer Event was a huge success. We donated over 400 unique cards. Some were made on Sunday and some were dropped off and donated by people who couldn't stay and play but wanted to help cheer up some sick people.
If you were not able to come, and still want to help, we are still taking donations till the end of the month. So, do what I did, go through cards that you have already made and have sitting around collecting dust and donate them to a worthy cause.
Here are some pics from Sunday.


  1. Hey! Do a search on Windows Live Writer. It is a free downloadable program that allows you to create your postings and then publish it to the blog without getting on your blog. It will also let you edit pictures and more within it. Thanks for the fun at your mom and me class.

  2. Me likey! Can i come over and just reside in your studio for a day? or 2 or 3?


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