Thursday, February 7, 2008

Loads of Love for my Cricut Expression!

I have a card class at Michaels tomorrow. The ladies that come to this class each month, are elderly and have less dexterity. So, I always try to do a lot of prep for them. This way they have the ability to make a nice project with little effort. They are all so sweet and I look forward to the classes.

This is one of the cards they will make. Everything is cut from the Cricut Expression. They just have to stick it together.

I love it and hope they will too! XO, Mimi


  1. Cute card.....the ladies will have fun putting it together and add their own special touch to it, too.
    Have fun!
    Cathy M.....

  2. Rich blessings to you for taking such care for your students. I do volunteer work at nursing homes and I am thrilled to find someone else who has such consideration for our senior citizens.


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