Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Copy Cat!

When I am in a creative slump, I go trolling for cards to CASE. I just think it's better than sitting here with idle hands, ya know? Anyhoo, I was clicking around, the other day, and came across this cute card and it made me happy so, I just had to do it. LOL! I had to change a few things, do to the fact that I don't have the stamp set that she used on it. It still makes me smile!

Hey, a little secret of mine, see the rhinestone that matches the flower? That is a clear rhinestone that I colored with a sharpie, to make it match. Cool, huh?

Thanks for stopping by. I have a Scrappy Cards class to teach at Michaels today. So, I should have more stuff for you later or in the morning. XO, Mimi


  1. Adorable card, love the little birdies. The more I see them being used the more I want them.

  2. Love this...I am gonna have to case this one.(((Hugs)))


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