Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Alter Ego!

This is a teapot book that I made for Maggie. My Mother had taken pictures of Maggie and her friends having a tea party and I wanted to make a special way for her to remember it. After looking and looking and still not finding a board book in the shape of a teapot, I drew my own and cut it out with a razor knife. The round piece on top is a bubble with a picture of Maggie in it and it is made from resin.
The title of the book is Tea fro Three, My Friends and Me. You have to click on the photos to get a real good look at all of the stuff in the book. Maggie and my Mom really love this book and they look at it often.

Thanks for stopping by for a look into my Alter Ego! Have a terriffic Tuesday! I'm hangin' out with my Mom today!

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  1. Once again your creativity completely blows me away! What an adorable book!! And hey sorry I never replied to your email, I loved receiving it, but just like blogs, I'm way behind on my email inbox too! But I'm really hoping you visit your brother sometime - that would be SO MUCH FUN!!!! You are always welcome in my stamp room!


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