Monday, September 24, 2007

There's still time to VOTE!

Voting is still open if you have not done it yet. I spent a little time watching other auditions this morning and I can, honestly say, I like Jorgia's the best. She is the most animated and really belts out the lyrics. I know that is important in stage acting. Others seemed too timid and afraid to move around. Which I don't understand because they are in the privacy of their own home. So, if they can't move freely there, how will they do on stage? Just MHO.

A very dear friend sent me an email to inform me that her sister-in-law was auditioning for RENT, (the Broadway show), and needs votes. Please take a moment, really, that's all it takes, to go to this link and cast a vote. You would be doing a good deed for someone you don't even know. Her name is Jorgia McAfee.

Thank you so much!


  1. Mimi - THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting this on your blog!! I've watched a lot of the other auditions and I truly do believe that Jorgia's is one of the best (admittedly there could be *some* bias)!! The people who end up with the most votes in the top three will get to travel to NYC and audition for the producers of RENT! Jorgia and her husband (my brother!) are trying very hard to move to NYC to pursue their acting dreams... as soon as their house sells they plan to head straight there. This is a HUGE opportunity for them and I very much appreciate all the help that we can give them toward that goal. THANKS AGAIN!! - - Melissa E.

  2. I voted for her!!!! I hope she makes it ... Let us know ok ?


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