Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Run, don't walk!

Run to the nearest newstand or magazine rack. I can't believe it! I just picked up the September copy of Cards and my friend Kirsten has 6 cards in it! Way to go Kirsten! Great job! If you grab a copy, her cards are on pages 74, 77, 140, 141, 145, and 150. Now that I have drooled all over her cards I will go back and look at all the other pretty cards in there. Kudos to all who are in there but mostly to Kirsten, because she's my friend!


  1. ROTFLMBO! Thank you, my friend! You're too funny! Love the last bit! :) xox

  2. Wow, that's so awesome!! She's so famous - and yet so nice. Fame has not spoiled her yet... LOL


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