Sunday, August 5, 2007

I'm Nobody's Sidekick!

I love that saying! I saw it on a sticker or something, while shopping on Friday. I couldn't get it out of my head! So, here is what I did with it. I have a ton of these cd tins and decided to make a mini book. These photos are a couple years old but they are among some of my favorites of Maggie and her spirit. I may do this as a class at Michaels. Not sure.

Speaking of Michaels, I know I haven't said anything since last week but, all is going good. They really like my style and use of products. I am going to have to talk with whoever orders the paper though, they could use a little help. Anyhoo, I think the events coordinator is going to put something in the local paper's Community Calendar about me and my classes! Woo Hoo! That may help draw people in. Ya nevah no!


  1. This is WAY too cute and sassy!!
    Look at her face in those shades- just the cutest!!!
    Love it!

  2. Holy crap! I love this idea! We should ALL wear that slogan around our necks, don't you think? Let somebody be OUR sidekick, ya' know?

    Maggie is just the cutest, spunkiest little girl. Please bring her to Disney so we can play together. I've GOT to use my free passes, girlfriend! And you need to see what's coming out of my studio these days. Way cool!

    I'm NOBODY'S sidekick,


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