Friday, February 5, 2010

More on CHA

While I
was at CHA, I had the honor of taking a Tim Holtz class.
It was pure luck.
All of the classes were full and I was watching the monitor in hopes that something would open up.
All of a sudden, from behind me, I hear someone asking if anyone would like to buy a ticket to the Tim Holtz class. Wow! Really? I never expected there to be "ticket scalpers" at CHA. LOL! So, of course, I snatched it up, as the class was starting in under 30 min., and darted off to await my place in the class.
Now, I must be honest, I have always admired Tim's artwork but have never been, what you might call, a groopie.
But, after taking his class, I am hooked.
It was one of the most organized and informative classes I have ever taken.
I was very impressed with the way he teaches and handles even the most difficult of attendees. He is very easy to relate to and he is so nice.

Take a look at the beautiful framed art that we made with his products.
I love it.
And, not only did we make this beautiful piece of art but we also walked away with an amazing amount of products.
The "piece de resistance" was the signed copy of his new book.
Love, love, love it!
Thank you, so much, for stopping by.
More on Monday.
XO, Mimi

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