Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm Back from Texas!

Sorry I have not posted since coming home from Texas. I have been super busy and also dealing with a sinus infection of sorts.
Enough whining.
I had the most amazing visit to Texas. I spent so much time with my baby nieces and nephew that I am going through withdraw.
I also got to help my sister with some crafty projects that she needed done. Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of them. But I DID take pictures of the babies! Duh!
While at my brother's, I got to spend a lot of time with my sister-in-law. That was super great since I had only met her one time before and really didn't know her. I am happy to say that I do now.
My brother and sister and their spouses are awesome and I am so proud of what wonderful adults and parents they have become.
I can hardly wait to see them again!
Well, here are a few photos of the angels. That's me with Olivia, me with the twins and me with my brother, sister and Olivia. Have a wonderful Thursday!

Oh, by the way, my baby niece, Olivia, is in some sort of casting call for Baby Gap. If you have the time to register and vote for her, I would be so thankful. The link is HERE. You can vote once daily and after you register, you just sign in to vote. Thanks again for you time!
XO, Mimi

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