Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Milissa!

One of my best buddies celebrated her Birthday last Wednesday while we were out of town.
So, of course, I used that as an excuse to be late with her gifts.
Even though her and her girls came up to play with us at Disney on Thursday.
What a fun time we had!

Her favorite color is, can you guess, green!
So, I made her some fun green stuff which is both green in color and green for our earth.

The first is what everything is in. This sweet pouch is for on the side of the table when you are crafting. That's right, a little reusable trash can. More on that tomorrow.

Then there are 2 TO DO lists that I printed from here.
Of course I had to print them on some pretty green paper and then I laminated them so she can use them over and over again.

Then I crocheted (sp? that just doesn't look right) some nice dish cloths out of cotton yarn so they can be used and thrown in the washing machine and used again. And, of course, think of me while she's doing the dishes. LOL!

Then there's the card. I made it using some papers I had left over from when I was the guest designer for her club. The stamp is from Repeat Impressions and is a 2 part set. You see part one on the front of the card with a cute little birdy chirping a happy tune. But inside is a devious cat who ate the bird. Love it!

Well, that's all for now. I hope she likes her stuff and enjoys going green for her birthday! Thanks for stopping by. XO, Mimi


  1. This set is AMAZING! Beautifully done! You missed my birthday in February. He he.

  2. well let me just tell you how awesome these are .... I haven't checked my google reader in a bit .. sorry for being late on this .. but it all ROCKS!!!! I loved it and was so surprised ... I've loved the trash bins for a long time and was hoping one day I might get one!

    As for the trip ... tons of fun. We only came up for one day, wish we could have done more, but it was so much fun!

    Thanks for the gift and for inviting us to come. We had a blast with our friends!


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