Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sorry for my absence!

I have no good excuse, just a little emotional and I cannot figure out why. Anyhoo, here are 3 cute little cards I made using Wallies. I think they are so cute. I added bling and glitter and a few stamps and sayings and Voila'!
Sorry for the poor quality pictures, I took them inside because it is gloomy here today! I promise to be back soon.

Maybe with some pictures of our house guest. Intrigued?


  1. How cute are these!!!! I've never seen these Wallies...

  2. Mimi ... those are so darn cute ... and the sentimetns are SO TRUE! LOL... great job .. you are so talented lady! Miss you!

  3. These cards are adorable! And I can relate, I've been out of blog commission a lot recently as well! Hang in there - I'm happy to see you post when you can - and actually I rather like the ladies that only have a few posts for me to get caught up on when I do have time to blog, rather than the 40 or so average I'm behind on with most blogs!! :-)

  4. Oh and by the way, so sorry I missed your bday when I was away from Blogland - I hope you had a good one!!


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