Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Everybody needs a little help sometimes

It’s not a bad thing to need a little help from your friends. Especially with the Holidays rapidly approaching us. So, I have created a few cards that I can put together in packs of 10, for you to assemble. You can still have homemade cards without the high price of someone else making them for you or the time consuming job of coming up with an idea, ordering and cutting all of the paper, stamping and sponging, etc.

I will cut all of the paper, do all of the stamping, embossing, sponging, etc for the price of $15.00 per multiples of 10. That’s $1.50 a card. Let me know if this service interests you! Her are the samples I have come up with. 
DSCF5725 DSCF5728


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