Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ever happen to you?

So, I was anticipating my day of play with Margie Romney-Aslett and I decided I needed a new apron for the event. So, I went through a pile of old jeans that had been given to me by my Dad and found the pair I would use. I had seen the idea on a blog somewhere, ( if you only knew how many blogs I stalk daily and all of the amazing ideas I have saved).

This is the apron I made and I was very happy with it. Sure, I plan, in Mimi style, to add some more lace, ribbon and bling before I can call it complete.
That’s Coco modeling the apron. So, I like to name my dress forms. Don’t judge me.
I went to bed that night with happy thoughts of wearing my new apron. La la la.

I awoke the next morning in a creative friendzy, with an idea in my head that almost hurt to keep inside of me. I’m serious! Initial thought, overalls! I had to make an apron from an old pair of overalls. Not just any overalls, my favorite overalls. These overalls have been with me for so many years, through pregnancy, through ups and downs. They are like an old friend. That is why it had to be them.

So, I worked feverishly, all day until this is what I came up with. As always, I still have more that I want to do to it but I SO love this apron! This is Sophia modeling the apron.

Never fight those creative awakenings Ladies! Hope you had a great weekend. I can hardly wait to show you what I made while wearing this apron. Thanks for stopping by! XO, Mimi

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Come and Play on World Card Making Day!

World Card Making Day 2010 is on Sunday, October 3rd. To honor this day that I love because it honors the craft that I love, I am having an open house at my Paper Rose Studio.
If you live locally, please come and make a couple cards at my "Card Cafe'". There is no charge for this event as we will be making cards to send to Our Troops. I will have my amazing Card Cafe' all set up with every kind of card making supply you could need, including my holiday buffet table. The troops need cards for Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas too!
I will have refreshments available and raffles and free drawings throughout the day from 10 AM till 7 PM.
Please R.S.V.P. to!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Pictures of Many Mini Milk Cartons

Here are all 6 of the milk cartons we will be making at H2U this Saturday. I also made a cute little carrier for them. All 6 cartons and carrier for $10.00 to members! What a deal!
See you Saturday!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

An ADVENTurous Holiday 2010!

Yeah, I love to play on words just about as much as I love Advent Calendars! Hope you don’t mind my cheesiness.

I want everyone to have plenty of time to plan and RSVP for the three advent calendars that I am going to have workshops on. I have not secured the dates yet but you can be sure that they will be in October and November.

The first is one that I did last year but I know that there are a few new friends in my group and I would like you to have the chance to make this awesome calendar. It is made from a mini muffin tin with magnetic closures on each muffin cup to hide a goodie and to decorate with a number and other embellishments. The cost of this workshop is $25.00 and includes an entire table full of goodies for decorating your calendar in your style. There will be stickers, Thickers, rub-ons, buttons, brads, glitter, ribbon, etc… If you’ve been to “The Studio”, you know all about the goodies I’ve got!

The second is new from Stampin’ Up! and is in the Holiday Mini Catalog on page 34. Although the kit includes everything you need to make the boxes, it does not include all of the extras that I would add to my completed project. So, at this workshop, I will have a large table of extra goodies for you to add to your boxes to make them more “YOU”. The cost of this workshop is also $25.00. You will not be disappointed with this perpetual family treat!

Last, but not least, is the Tree Advent Calendar. This is a plastic tree with 24 boxes to decorate and fill with goodies as you count down to Christmas. This workshop will be held at H2U as part of a Holiday Gift Extravaganza. The cost of this workshop is $15.00. More specifics to come SOON!IMG_5918

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Card Cafe’ with a Holiday Twist!

Just wanted to give a small preview of the Holiday table I am adding to my Card Cafe’. These items are in addition to all of the other wonderful items that are here for the using. Plus I have many holiday papers and cards and gift cards that are not shown here. This month’s Card Cafe’ is on the 21st from 10 AM to 2 PM. If I get enough interest, I will be happy to have a weekend session too. You just have to let me know.


Sorry for the boring backdrop, I didn’t want my cabinets full of goodies to take away from the items on the table.

Additional Photos of the Holiday Card Cafe’

Sorry I had to put this in a couple posts. My program didn’t like how many photos I was posting.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It’s that time of the month again!

Class Schedule time that is!

Cards and Stamps class  this month features the set “Aviary”. This was the first set that I “had to have” when the new catalog came out this year. I love how playful it is and birds are so “IN” right now. In this class, you will make 2 each of the 5 cards shown and get the stamp set to take home with you, all for $20.00. The class is on the 15th from 10 AM till1 PM and 6 PM till 9 PM. Because I have to order the stamp sets so they are here in time for the class, you must R.S.V.P. and prepay by the 7th. I know that doesn’t give much notice but I promised some special friends that I would have the class on the 15th so they can come.

Many Mini Milk Cartons
is the class I will be teaching on the 11th at H2U this month. For $10.00, you will create 6 adorable mini milk cartons using Stampin’ Up!’s  die from Sizzix, appropriately named, “Mini Milk Carton” and the stamp set “Got Treats”. Please R.S.V.P. by Friday so I can bring enough supplies for everyone. All you need for the class is scissors and glue, if you have any but I will be bringing some glue to share.

Card Cafe will be on the 21st this month and I will be adding lots of Halloween, Fall and Christmas items to the buffet. I am keeping the extra hour in the schedule. It seemed to work better for those who came last month. Don’t forget to bring a snack or lunch since you will be here from 10 AM till 2 PM. The cost is $20.00 and you can make as many cards as you like. I am also going to add to my idea boards with the new items added. Please R.S.V.P. no later than the 19th.

Mom and Me is going to be on the 19th from 10 AM till 12 PM this month. As far as I can tell, there are no softball tournaments on that day so, lets keep our fingers crossed! I am not exactly sure what we will be doing. It really depends on how many come. But, as always, the cost is $10.00 per Mom and kid. We always have a great time with our kids at this class and I know you regulars have been missing it for the last couple months. Sorry about that. I promise to have one every month till the end of the year! Please R.S.V.P. no later than the 17th so I can prepare.

That’s it for now. If I come up with anything else, I will be sure to post it right here. Thanks for stopping by. XO, Mimi