Saturday, September 15, 2012

Anatomy of a Masterpiece

I thought that title would get your attention. LOL!
I wanted to share with anyone who is interested, how I got the antique look of the wedding card I posted yesterday.
Gather your supplies. You will need a sponge brayer, ink pad, embossing folder and paper.

In order to get the "touch of color" on the embossed areas, I used a sponge brayer and lightly ran it over my Crumb Cake ink pad.

Lightly run the brayer over the negative side of the embossing folder. The negative side has the spaces that will NOT be raised once embossed or the "background", as I call it.

Now, place your paper in the folder and close it, carefully.

Run the folder through the Big Shot, as you normally would.

Voila! It's done.

Now, decide if the color is too dark or light and adjust your pressure when picking up the color with the brayer and applying it to the embossing folder. I had to make a few "samples" before I got the light shade I wanted. Have fun! Hope you learned something. XO, Mimi

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