Saturday, July 28, 2012

Little Friends

I made this card using the stamp set "Little Friends". I love the chubby little hands and feet on the cuties. I paired it with DSP called International Bazaar. I love the colors and vivid designs. I also used some of the new wooden buttons. They work great together.

So, speaking of little ones, I have had my baby granddaughter for the past few days and nights. Mostly just because I missed her so much. The last couple weekends being filled with softball really cut down on my baby time. She's getting so big, so fast. I took this picture after she decided that she wanted to sit in her pool and play instead of follow me into the house. So, she got in, shoes, clothes and all. I did get her sandals off so they could dry but let her play and have fun for a good while. Quite the personality, this one.
I hope you are having a great weekend with the ones you love, young and old, big and small.

Thanks for stopping by. XO, Mimi

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