Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Playing Catch-Up!

Sorry I have been so lazy lately and haven’t blogged. But, I have been busy. I will show you a couple things that got done that I neglected to share with you.

First is the second stacking toy for my Niece and Nephew’s first Birthday.  I showed the outfits that I made for them in an earlier post.


Then, this is a bird’s nest that is in my Mom’s garage. How cool is that. She thinks it’s a Cardinal. It fly's in with nesting goodies and hurries out when anyone comes into the garage. I will have to check it out again to see what progress he makes. My Dad didn’t realize what it was and almost cleaned it out until it dawned on him what was going on.

IMG_5188 IMG_5187

On the sad side, we lost another hermit crab and held another funeral. This one was Rob. So, we now have Rob and Bob buried out in the back woods. Now Maggie wants a fish.

IMG_5183 IMG_5184 IMG_5186

For now, that’s all I have time for but I promise to try harder at keeping up with my posts.

Thanks for stopping by, XO, Mimi

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  1. Love the toy, Mimi! And a CARDINAL NEST? OMG, I wish it were in my barn because, as you may know, the cardinal is my "God bird." One of the first days that I was here, I had a major meltdown and was crying my eyes out. I was in the kitchen and looked out the window and there was my cardinal, just sitting in the tree. Peace immediately came to my body.

    Missing you and thinking of you lots. My 5 chicks are growing and having a blast in the barn coop. Hopefully, the weather will warm up soon so they can be moved outside. Of course, I have to get them a house and run before THAT happens!



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