Thursday, December 31, 2009

Is it time to clean yet?

Oh my goodness! This place is such a mess!
When I had my old office, which was our dining room converted, there was just one desk and counter top to clean up.
Now that I have my dream studio, I have 4 six foot round tables, a desk, and 2 long counter tops. Most normal people look at this as a dream come true. And yes, I LOVE my studio and am NOT complaining. But, when you have all this space, as each available space gets filled up with stuff, I move on to the next empty table. Until it ends up looking like this! LOL!
Now that the holidays are over and the crafting, wrapping, sewing and rushing are over too, I NEED an entire day to clean.
I have many projects to show you and I promise to do so in the very near future. As soon as I get a clean space to take photos.
I hope you all have a SAFE and Happy New Year!
XO, Mimi

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's that time of year again!

Yummy! I love this time of year when there's all kinds of yummy stuff for tasting.
I always make my own version of a peppermint mocha.
This luscious beverage is made with the Donut Shop coffee from the Keurig , a teaspoon of peppermint syrup (Starbucks, of course), 2 teaspoons of hot cocoa mix, topped off with cool whip, green colored sprinkles, peppermint candy and the candy cane is just for the picture. I don't usually put a candy cane in every cup I drink.
Normally, I squirt on the whipped topping because it is so much prettier. However, when I tried to use the can I had in my fridge, it went everywhere. Zoe, my chubby pug, loved it. She even got the little bit that was between my toes. LOL! So, even though this is not as pretty, I must admit that I really do preffer the taste of cool whip over the can stuff!
I think I need to make a trip to William Sanoma or something and get one of those fancy whipped cream makers that we used when I worked at Starbucks. Although, I would also need a bigger wardrobe if that was in my fridge. That would not be pretty!
Well, I think I am going to try my hand at Biscotti making today. My dear friend, Bernice, makes the most wonderful Biscotti and whenever she brings some to share at the studio, I abscond it immediately and hide it for myself. Selfish? Maybe. But it is sooo good.
Anyway, she shared the recipe with me and I will be trying it for the first time today. I am sure it will not be quite as good as her as it will be missing the Bernice love that she adds, but, I will suffer through.
Thank you Bernice!
Thanks for stopping by, XO, Mimi

Sunday, December 6, 2009

One more House for the Holidays

This is the last one that I have made. Not sure who is going to get this one yet but I do like how it turned out.
The colors are non-traditional Christmas.
They are fun and playful colors and images.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I hate wrapping paper

Really, for the past several years I have dreaded the whole wrapping paper thing.
Sure, I love a pretty present as much as the next person.
I just dislike the whole, buy the paper, take lots of time wrapping the present, watch the paper get destroyed and tossed in the trash thing.
So, I have decided this year to take a different route.
I went to the store and got a bunch of different pretty holiday fabrics and Maggie and I are going to make pouches with it. This way, instead of it going in the trash and landfills, it becomes part of the gift and can be used or passed on or just give it back to me.
Hey, don't judge me. We all need to try to do what we can, when we can. Besides, it's cool to be green!
XO, Mimi

Friday, December 4, 2009

More Little Houses for the Holidays

This little house is for my 18yo. Daughter.
This will be her first Christmas in her own apartment with her boyfriend.
I want her to have something to look back at and to fill it with pictures of her and her honey and his little boy.
I have been making her little scrapbooks for a very long time and she saves them all with all of the cards that I make her. So, I am sure she will treasure this for a long time too.
Thanks for stopping by. XO, Mimi

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Home for the Holidays.

As soon as I saw these adorable little chipboard houses from Maya Road, I knew that I had to make some.
The first one I made is for my Step-Mother. She just moved to Texas to be closer to my Brother and Sister and their brand new babies.
This is exactly what I imagined as soon as I decided to make one.
I stamped around the house with a little Stampin' Up! set, "Over the river and through the woods... to Grandmother's house we go." I envision her filling the little pages with pictures of the family on their first Christmas. I think she will love it.
The roof is covered in green velvet ric rac and the red trim is a crocheted trim. I LOVE it!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The BEST Vacation!

We got home from Alabama on Sunday night and we were so pooped!
I have to say that it was the best vacation I have had in soooo long.
It even topped Key West!

The weather was so nice and cold. It even got down to 32 one morning.
We went 4-wheeling in the woods, shoppin' at the mall and had an awesome Thanksgiving Dinner in the camper.

Milissa cooked everything! And let me tell you, it was fabulous. It was her first time cooking a turkey. They usually fry their turkey but the fryer we got was missing some crucial parts so, at the last minute, we had to put the bird in the oven.

Here are some of the highlights of the trip. I won't bore you with ALL of the photos I took. And I took alot!