Saturday, December 5, 2009

I hate wrapping paper

Really, for the past several years I have dreaded the whole wrapping paper thing.
Sure, I love a pretty present as much as the next person.
I just dislike the whole, buy the paper, take lots of time wrapping the present, watch the paper get destroyed and tossed in the trash thing.
So, I have decided this year to take a different route.
I went to the store and got a bunch of different pretty holiday fabrics and Maggie and I are going to make pouches with it. This way, instead of it going in the trash and landfills, it becomes part of the gift and can be used or passed on or just give it back to me.
Hey, don't judge me. We all need to try to do what we can, when we can. Besides, it's cool to be green!
XO, Mimi


  1. This is a great idea Mimi! And I vote for giving them back to you. This way, you can be assured that they'll be recycled and not put in the trash anyway.

    I'm doing my cloth grocery bags again this year as well as brown paper bags turned inside out and decorated.

    I DO love the cloth bag idea, though..........hmmmmm, I might steal it! :)

  2. This is a lovely idea. You already have me thinking how I can use this concept myself, next year. Thank you.


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