Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Pugariffic Visit with Leslie

I spent Saturday night and Sunday with my dear friend Leslie and got to play with her foster pugs. What a scream. Those little ladies are so lovable and funny I wanted to bring them home. I am really partial to Zoe, the black one. She is very energetic for a chubby little pug and I think she would fit nicely into my family. I even got my husband to agree to consider it. Now we just wait and see. Here are a couple shots of the girls. This first one is Peanut in Nora's Tutu. Isn't she tootoo cute. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
The black one is Zoe. I didn't get a good shot of her so I had to lift this one off of Leslie's blog. If you go to Leslie's blog, she has a short video that I made of them.

Also, look what my wonderful friend got for me. Ever since I named my room the Paper Rose Studio, she says she always sings this song when she thinks of it. So, she hunted on ebay and found the debut album by Marie Osmond titled Paper Roses. She also got me the 45 of Anita Bryant singing the same song. How thoughtful is that!?

Well, I hope you have a fabulous day! XO, Mimi


  1. Hey, me and my puglets are famous! HA! Thanks again Mimi for putting up the link to my pug blog. You rock! Zoey says she would like to be yours too and, today at the vet, she got the go ahead to be adopted soooooooooooo if you're really serious, get your application in. Of course, she also has to lose 3 to 4 pounds as does Pia, who currently has a UTI and ear infection and is on antibiotics for a couple weeks. Then she'll have to go in for her dental. THEN she can be adopted. The vet says that all that noise she makes is directly related to her weight. When she loses weight, alot of the noise should die down. PHEW! That can't happy soon enough for me!

    I think my letter stamps came in today but I haven't even had the energy to open the mail. Imagine that?

    I miss you my friend..........

    Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaper Rooooooooooseeeeeeeeeeeees........

    Love you madly,
    Leslie and the puglets

    PS: Nora says HI HI HI to Maggie!

  2. Well, that's all I could do was sing in my head.....Paper Roses.... and think of Marie Osmond when I came accross your blog! LOL!!!!
    BTW, really love the "Thanks for your Support" card! Great! I love my bra stamp from Custer's Last Stamp, along with the sentiment "OK, so this dyslexic guy walks into this bra...."
    Thanks & love the puggies!


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