Thursday, April 17, 2008

Moving right along.

Here are a couple of the latest pics of the crop/stamp/sewing room. The AC guy was here yesterday, putting in the vents and the one and a half ton unit. Yeah, I think we'll be keepin' cool. No heat flashes can hold up to that kind of coolin' power!! The photo of the vents is welded from 2 pics, that's why it looks a little funny.

That pile of boxes are the IKEA goodies.

No, that's not the AC guy. That's the most awesome husband in the world who is making this happen for me!

I think the electrician is coming later today.

Have a Fabulous Friday! XO, Mimi


  1. Holy Cow! That's gonna be some room! I can't wait to come down there and play in it(if I EVER get down there to play in it!).

    Nora is lonely these days without Betty around to play with since Alli moved to Chicago. Poor Puglet! However, she's going to a Puggy Playdate tomorrow - her first! I'm making her the pink and brown tutu that we saw at Dino World. I'll send pictures! xoxo

  2. You know, I really try to be happy for you when you post about your room - but man - I am just green with envy!!! :-) Ok, I suppose I'm still excited for you.......! :-)


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