Monday, June 25, 2007

Stampfest Orlando, or Bust!

I had the best time at the Orlando Stampfest. I went with my super great friends Kirsten and Milissa. I love you two! We saw so much great stuff and ran into some great people from SCS. I didn't get lots of pictures but, here are a few.

The first one is of me and Bad Sherry. This gal is always smilin'! What a great lady. I am sure there was a picture taken of JeanneS and I. It must be on Kirsten's camera. She is a riot! I will have to post that one when I get it.

The next one is of Kirsten's bag lunch that her sweet hubby packed for her. On the way to my house, he told her she had better eat some of it or we would mug her for it. She had a little box of raisins, some trail mix and a couple granola bars. Like I'm gonna mug anyone for THAT!

Isn't this pic a riot? In order, that's Kim, Sherry, Kirsten, Jeanne, and Me. What a HOOT!

We also had the pleasure of meeting Christie Ortman and Kristi Ferro. These are two of the sweetest gals! You can see pics of them on Kirsten's blog.Hey, where the heck is Milissa? Not one picture. Not fair at all!


  1. Lucky ladies - sounds like you had so much fun. Oooohh and so many goodies. Can't wait to see what you do with them. TFS all the great pictures.

  2. Great story! We had a blast and I so enjoyed meeting you that day! I really think we could so some serious damage together!

  3. What fun!!!!!! I'd love to meet Sherry, she seems like she'd be a total riot! (of course I'd love to meet you and Kirsten too, LOL!)


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