Thursday, April 19, 2007

I've been tagged twice! I need to run for cover!

OK, first I was tagged by my friend Milissa and have to list 10 weird things about myself. I think it would be easier to ask my friends to list the 10 weird things about me. Argh! Here goes:
1) I love to organize. I will organize myself silly. To the point of not being able to find anything! LOL!
2) I love to mow the lawn. Sure, I have a little rider to do it with but, I will actually get mad at my husband if he gets to it before I do.
3) I love accessories! All kinds of cute little doo dads. I love them so much that I don't use them because..."if I use them, then I won't have them!".
4) I wipe my kitchen counters every time I walk through there. Probably an OCD thing.
5) I hate to go to the beach, until I get there. Then it's hard to get me to leave.
6) I know all the words to the opening, village scene to Disney's, Beauty and the Beast. This really freaks my kids out. I cannot watch the movie without singing along!
7) I feel the need to clean other people's microwave ovens, (you know who you are) when they aren't looking!
8) I have a freakish drink fetish in which I will only drink fountain sodas, custom coffee creations and only bottled water that is not Zephyrhills.
9) I hate to empty the silverware compartment of the dishwasher. This goes way back to when I was a kid, too. I always hated washing the silverware when I was on dish washing duty. The saddest part of this is, I have passed this trait on to my daughter.
10) I am obsessed with magazines of all kinds. I have hundreds of them. I generally look at them once or twice, when they are delivered. After that, they end up in a pile, only to collect dust for all eternity. And, no, you can't have them, they're mine! LOL!
This was fun and enlightening. I am sure there are many more things but, lets wait till I know you better.
I know that this sounds sad but, I don't have 10 people to tag. I only have a couple friends that have blogs. So,Kirsten (you knew this was coming!), tag! you're it!

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