Friday, March 28, 2008

This is what friends are for!

On Wednesday, I had my last class scheduled, at Michaels. I don't know how many of you know this but, Michaels is discontinuing all of their classes with the exception of Wilton Cake Decorating and a monthly kids class called The Knack. That means that all of us instructors, accross the country, are out of jobs. Boo hoo! I tried working in the framing department and found that it is just not for me.

Anyhoo, I had 4 people scheduled for my Card Cafe' Class. I arrived early so I could set everything up. Just before time for class, I was wondering when the students would show up. You will never believe what happened. In walked my Mom and 2 of my very best friends, the 3rd couldn't make it. They were my students! They had signed up some time ago and kept it all hush hush from me. They even made up different names for the sign up sheet. I was sooo surprised and soooo happy. They really made my day, no, year!

We had so much fun. After the class we all went to TGIFridays for some lunch. What a wonderful day. I am so blessed in so many ways.

Here are some shots of my friends. I wish I had taken a camera so I could take their picture all together. The first pic is of Ms. Bea in blue and Ms. Judy in green. The second pic is of Ms. Pat and her husband and absolutely gorgeous granddaughters. I cannot find a pic of my Mom right now but when I do, I will post it.

I hope everyone is blessed with such wonderful friends in their life. I LOVE mine!!

Have a fabulous Friday.

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  1. I have to comment on this...cuz I was in your Michael's in February! We goto Englewood each winter the past few years...and this year I brought projects. So I of course needed to hit a Michaels (went to Port Charlotte store)...and am I teach/taught classes there? I thought I recognized your name...just didn't put it together until now. FYI...that Michael's ROCKS it has lines of merchandise we have NEVER seen here in either of the stores I goto...soo jealous!


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