Monday, March 17, 2008

Dinosaurs and Crafts

Maggie and I drove up to Dinosaur World yesterday to meet up with my dear friend Leslie and her pug Nora. Dinosaur World is a pet friendly part and Nora seemed to love it. They were also having a craft fair throughout the park. It was great. Here are a couple of fun shots of our day together.

Enjoy. Have a great Monday! XO, Mimi


  1. Um, I asked you where to GET the paint! That HARDLY counts for design advice! LOL Nice try! ;)

  2. Nora was very happy to see her photo on your blog. Yes, she did indeed enjoy Dinosaur World, and I was soooooooooooo surprised that she never really noticed those big, ferocious dinos. I, of course, had the time of my life hanging with my best friend Mimi. I went to JoAnn's and bought 4 spools of white thread and some pink and brown tulle to make Nora's tutu for Easter!

    Matt loved the book (thanks friend!) and I'm still smiling just thinking about the day. I love you, Mimi. PS: Alli snagged a towelie as soon as she saw the bag ("What's THIS? I want one!")

    Pugs and kisses,


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