Wednesday, December 8, 2010

oH nO yOU dIDN’T!

Oh yes I did!
Look at this awesome beauty shop chair that I picked up at a local thrift shop.

Of course, I will have to re cover the loud colored cover.

This chair is sooooo comfortable and look at the foot rest! And, it goes low enough to be my new desk chair. But if I want to change a light bulb, it pumps up way high with the foot pedal.
Just kidding. It doesn’t go THAT high but it does go up real good.
I LOVE IT! You know you love it too!
Hope my hubby doesn’t divorce me over it.XO, MimiIMAG0235

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  1. crack me up! I love it! I did a little too much thriftin today! I bought 2 pack and plays, a ton of embroidery hoops, 4 tervis tumblers, ice bucket, pitcher, and a ton more. I even managed to buy 2 onsies that I had previously owned, but donated a year ago. HAH! In fact I bought 3 things that where my own stuff at the thrift store! Oh, I also got a new double stroller earlier this week. Best thriftin therapy I had all season!


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