Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The BEST Birthday EVER!

This was the very best Birthday so far. I had so many friends to celebrate with and family from near and far. I heard from so many people who are so special to me. I think that the best presents are true friends and family. I also received a lot of great presents.

Here are a few of the awesome cards that I got. Some from close friends and some were RAKs from SCS. The first one is from my dear friend Kirsten. It is a package with pink peanut m&ms and if you click on the image, you will be able to see that the dog has been licking the icing. LOL! How sweet! The green and black card is from my friend and downline Lory. The blue and pink card is from my friend and upline Debbie. Isn't it cool how she used the scallop punch? The green and yellow card is from Holly at SCS. And, last, but not least, the monkey card is from the SCS Birthday Committee. I hope everyone enjoys Birthdays as much as I do. XO, Mimi


  1. What a great selection of beautiful cards you received! Happy Birthday every day of the coming year!

  2. So sorry I missed your birthday Mimi, I hope you had a great one!!


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