Sunday, May 6, 2007

Ode to Bonnielee!

My dear friend, Bonnielee, loaned me this set over a month ago. I loved this set when it was in a mini catalog a couple years ago and have wanted to play with it since. Yet, when I get it in my paws, I have yet to play. Until this weekend, that is! So, I made this card for Bonnielee to thank her for her patience with me. It is also to tell her to keep her chin up. She is currently volunteering much of her free time, which she holds so dearly, for a good cause. I love her bunches and miss playing with her!


  1. I love this...the flourishes are great!

  2. I'm with Allison, the flourishes are really great! Nice card, Mim!

  3. When I saw the other card, I thought what a great project for Ooh la lah, what with the flowers in the bathtub, and then the next day, there it is! I'm not as saintly as it sounds - I'm volunteering at my vet's office so I can learn the ropes and work there when I retire. Not like when I volunteered at the Humane Society : (


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