Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cow's it Goin'?

I crack myself up sometimes! I just had to say that on this card. I am on a Penny Black Kick lately. I love those stamps.

Today is Tuesday, so, I go hang with the chicks. But, I may not be doing that much longer. I got a call yesterday about a job and I talked to my DH about it and I think I'm gonna take it. I only have one little request of them. We'll see what happens! I will keep you all up to date. Cross your fingers for me.

Have a wonderful day! XO, Mimi


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  2. Sorry about the last post. I hate it when I have typos!

    I just think that this is the cutiest card. There isn't anything more adoring to me than cows in clothes! LOL

    Fabulous design layout and execution! I'm going to have to get this stamp!

  3. aww, for cute's sake. I was looking at PB stamps on ebay this morning, too...but I need to stop shopping...we leave on Monday! I'll just have to start begging for images from people so I get mail overseas..!

    Dina @ mamadinis

  4. This is adorable!!! I hope the job thing pans out!

  5. I just love this! Who makes the sentiment? Cow's it goin'? Bwaaaaahhh!! Love it!!!


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