Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I LOVE that face!

I spent yesterday building furniture for my daughter's room.
My hubby and I went to Ikea on Monday morning and made some fabulous purchases for her. We have been wanting to go for a while but decided to wait for the Tampa location to open.
So, we got her a bed a shelf unit and a dresser.
They were quite easy to assemble between the two of us.
We are so lucky that we work well as a team.
I could, totally, see my hubby and I playing The Amazing Race and kickin' butt.
Ok, back to the story.
So, we were so excited to get started on her room.
As soon as Rick left with Maggie, to take her to school, I started emptying her room into the rest of the house.
When he got back, we got busy! Building furniture, that is. LOL!
Then, when it was time for her to come home, I hid in the room with my trusted camera and waited.
Rick sent her in on the premise that I had been hard at work cleaning her messy room all day and she had better get in there and help me.
As soon as the door opened, click, click, click, I shot off these shots.
First the frightened look.
She said she thought I was probably throwing everything away, like I had threatened millions of times.
Then the happy and amazed shots as she realized it was all a big surprise.
What a great day. What a great kid. Thanks for stopping by! XO, Mimi

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