Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Monday! What a Weekend!

I am posting this from within The Paper Rose Studio. I brought my computer over this afternoon. I knew I wouldn't last long without it.

Well, the Open House went very well. I got to see a lot of faces that I have missed for a while now and some new faces. Everyone seemed quite "at home" in the new space. That is very important to me. Since I got quite a few requests, I will be planning classes soon. I am excited for my first "Ladies Night In".

Here are a few shots I took this morning. I didn't take any on Saturday since I was so busy mingling with my guests. No fear, my Mom snapped a few good ones though and as soon as I get them from her I will post them.

Have a fabulous day!! XO, Mimi


  1. What an amazing space! I love it all. You are so fortunate.

  2. WOW !!!!!!!what a piece of heaven you got here !!!!!!wow !!!!!

  3. Such a gorgeous space! Just added you to my google reader...


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