Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Water You Up To?

Isn't that the cutest shark ever!? I just LOVE him so much. I finally inked him up. I made this cutie for the SCS Featured Stamper Challenge #104.

I put the charm on the card because her card had one on it but I think it's a little much for my card.

Thanks for stoppin' by. I am going to go enjoy my day off! Have a great day! XO, Mimi


  1. Well, I personally like the charm. Maybe a smaller flower? Whaddoo I know anyhow? :)

    I MISS YOU! Where ARE you? We should get together. We should. Yeah. Soon. When? Are you working alot? Did I say I missed you? xo

  2. I love the charm. I wouldn't take it off ... great card ... it's a "Tank" shark .. hee hee hee....

  3. I love the saying. Is that SU or your own orignal? LOL


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