Friday, June 13, 2008

Just a few Studio shots and some cards I completed

I thought it would be nice to take a couple shots of the things that are special to me in the Studio. The first is a bulletin board that I made from a discarded mirror frame that I rescued from a friends garbage. I love looking at the photos and all of the quirky little things that have come to rest on it. It's my own little time capsule.

The next shot is one of my versions of the Clip-It-Up. I made mine with a lamp that I found on the side of the road after hurricane Charlie. It had been on my bedside table until I decided it's final days will be lived out holding pretty things in my studio. I love how tall it is.

Last, here are a couple cards that I have put together over the past few days.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! XO, Mimi


  1. Oh how I wish I could visit your studio!! (or live in it...) I love your homemade clip-it-up, I think I told you that when you posted one before. You are so creative and smart!!!

  2. Love your cards: the sweet abc's; the pop of red against the black; that awesomely distressed apron. And you really blew my mind with your clip it up lamp. That is sheer brilliance! WOWOWOWOWOW! I am on my way to the thrift store asap. Thank you for the fabulous inspiration! :0)

  3. Such an inspiring blog...I love your "lamp Click-it"...Oh, the treasures we can find roadside. Kara

  4. These are awesome cards! That love machine one is a riot! Love the studio shots, too. The homemade clip-it-up is awesome!!!

  5. Your clip-it-up is pure genius! WOW.... love it.


  6. Ooooh! Great stuff here! Love your bulletin board and clip it up, so clever! That owl card with the abc is killing me too, way cutE!

  7. Love all... look great.
    I like the King of the Grill Card, look nice!! how you did that, is a template?

    Blessing, Sony


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